with DJ SEEKS SAME "The courier in his intimation signed, On festive night let rise a crescent-moon, Such that by no one, from its slenderness, it through its veil of darkness be discerned; So that the play of thought and fantasy ...Read More

Operating in a reverse direction to the contemporary technological plague, 14th century Londoners first suffered the miseries of the black death, dying and laid to rest in London's East Smithfield plague cemetery, where their remains, five hundred years later, were ...Read More

"Alles kann nichts muss” Verrückt In Berlin, Oder Nicht: Die Blaue Stunde Alles kann nichts muss - von Verwirrten für Verwirrte, oder nicht. Die Blaue Stunde - ein poetisches Umschlagen der Gedanken. Die Zeit der Dämmerung zwischen Sonnenuntergang und nächtlicher Dunkelheit, sowie ...Read More

Meike Jansen und Oliver Baurhenn schauen zurück auf 13 Jahre CTM-Festival und schaffen es bis ins Jahr 2005, der zweite Teil folgt. Playlist: IBM - Rechenzentrum Stream21 (Ausschnitt) - Excepter Randommize - TokTok I-F (Livemitschnitt CTM.00) DX384 - Alexej ...Read More

we are in the desert and all we see is desert and saguaros. music is played with them and for them, because they are such creatures! from morricone to dolly parton, from classic ...Read More

Oliver Stern stellt aktuelle deutsprachige Liedermacher vor. Neue Platten, aktuelle Konzerte, unveröffentlichte Stücke und exclusive Interviews mit den KünstlerInnen. Playlist Schönholz - Ceylon (https://www.facebook.com/Schoenholz.musik) Schwarz un Schmitz - Rüber (http://www.schwarzunschmitz.de/jetzt.php) Frittenbude - Mindestens in 1000 Jahre (http://schandenschmuck.de/) Sven van Thom - Gut für gar nichts (http://www.svenvanthom.de/) Regen ...Read More

Music, animation / news / tv show leads, rare film soundtracks from 70s and 80s french TV Between live mix, sound collage and scientific experiment, “The Time Machine” will explore the many dimensions of past and present day electronic dance music, ...Read More

Sascha Koesch, core-founder of De-bug magazine is holding the record for writing the most record reviews over the longest period of time in German electronic dance music. His record collections must virtually fill a house, while he is working on ...Read More

Hanin Elias with Studio Guest: ORNIS http://ornisband.tumblr.com/ http://soundcloud.com/ornis Hanin Elias sings and produces electronic music since 1992. Call it Industrial, Digital Hardcore, Techno or Noise. After her comeback from micronesia islands she released a new record ...Read More

Zunächst aber zur Situation hier direkt am Kottbusser Tor. Heute mit Frau Cengiz, Ulli, Sebastian & Heiko (Kotti & Co, Mietendossier, Sozialmieter & Bergstrasse62). Am mikrofon: Andrej Holm weitere infos: http://kottiundco.wordpress.com http://zwangsraeumungverhinderern.blogspot.de http://mietendossier.blogspot.de http://bergstrasse62.de http://www.sozialmieter.de Read More