Steve Morell is presenting tonight music from the 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch Festival which will take place on the 1st of September
in London Shoreditch Park. Presented & curated by London legend Sean McLusky reflects the festival the sound of London on 4 Stages, 11 aftershow venues and around 70 Acts. It represents the current scene in England and the British Underground better than any other festival, it brings new acts to the audience as well as established cult bands, all under the taste and the hands of mastermind Sean McLusky. It´s huge, it´s wild, it´s dark, punk, sexy, dirty, fun and a must for everyone who like punk rock, new & no wave, electronic experimental music, and who likes to discovers new music as well. Tonight in the show Steve Morell will play inter alia music from bands which play the festival such as:

Arrows of Love, S.C.U.M., Black Moth, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Buzzcocks, Citizens, Crocodiles, Dead Wolf Club, Dirty Beaches,
Drop Out Venus, Holograms, Iceage, La Femme, Regal Safari. Skeletons On Holiday, The Duke Spirit, The Pre New, Zulu,
Gross Magic, Minny Pops.


- The Zero Hour Jingle
- Regal Safari - Believe
- S.C.U.M.- Summon The Sound
- Dirty Beaches - Speedway King
- Drob Out Venus - Don´t Explain
- La Femme - Sur La Plance
- Citizens - Reptile
- The Pre New - A Song For People Who Hate Themselfs
- The Duke Spirit - Send A Little Love Toke
- Holograms - Monolith
- Arrows Of Love - Honey
- Zulu - Wir Kinder
- Dead Wolf Club - Radar
- The Pre New - Cathedral City Comedown
- Iceage - White Rune
- Black Moth - The Plague Of Our Age
- Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
- Zulu - Sistine Chappel

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