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Now on the theoretical as well as practical plane, the existence of differentiating features is of much greater importance than their content. Once in evidence, they form a system which can be employed as a grid is used to decipher a text, whose original unintelligibility gives it the appearance of an uninterrupted flow. The grid makes it possible to introduce divisions and contrasts, in other words the formal conditions necessary for a significant message to be conveyed. […] The logical principal is always to be able to oppose terms which previous impoverishment of the empirical totality, provided it has been impoverished, allows one to conceive as distinct. How to oppose is an important but secondary consideration in relation to this first requirement. In other words, the operative value of the systems of naming and classifying commonly called totemic derives from their formal character: they are codes suitable for conveying messages which can be transposed into other codes, and for expressing messages received by means of different codes in terms of their own system. ” — “The Savage Mind,” Claude Levi-Strauss

Featuring found sounds from Estonia, Bulgaria, Mali, Anarctica, New Mexico, Mali and Israel