Show 387: Latesummer_Night’s_Dream (diving for pearls) by Paulo Raposo , Radio Zero, PT The perfect timing for shell hunting is immediately before and after low tide. At this timing, clandestine shell hunters suddenly come from the dunes and ...Read More

Nein, es ist nicht so, dass unser Datscha-Radio nun plötzlich umgezogen ist, doch heute nacht sendeten wir eine Stunde via Marold Langer-Philippsens unvorhergesehenen Aufenthaltsort in Dresden. Dort blieb der Künstler (Autobahnprobleme) in einem Ibis Hotel hängen und ...Read More

Catherine Christer Hennix, born 1948 in Stockholm, is an artist, poet,composer, and philosopher with a strong interest in logic, thefoundations of mathematics, and formal music theory. Hennix’s interest in dronemusic and themeditative, trance-like state it induces is apparent in herexploration ...Read More