Catherine Christer Hennix, born 1948 in Stockholm, is an artist, poet,composer, and philosopher with a strong interest in logic, thefoundations of mathematics, and formal music theory. Hennix’s interest in dronemusic and themeditative, trance-like state it induces is apparent in herexploration of similar music in many other cultures and traditions,drawing inspiration from the Japanese Gagaku music and early vocal,thirteenth-century music of Perotinus and Leoninus. Withher new ensemble, TheChora(s)san Time-Court Mirage,CC Hennix continues to explore the boundaries of the infinite:

Singer,composer and performer Amelia Cuni has trained her voice andmusical skills in India, according to the tradition of DHRUPADsinging and KATHAK dance. Her present work includes contemporarymusic and multimedia collaborations with several artists ofinternational repute.

The tuba player and composer Robin Hayward has redefinedthe tuba’s potential both in the areas of noise and microtonality,and his compositions for other instruments reflect a similarexperimental, medium-specific approach. In 2009 Robin Haywarddeveloped the first fully microtonal tuba together with the musicinstrument manufacturers B&S, and in 2011 published an extensivearticle on this new tuba in the Galpin Society Journal, tracing itshistory back to the original tuba patent of 1835. He is currentlydoing a doctorate at the Technical University in Berlin.

Music has been Hilary Jeffrey`s main activity since 1990which started with a journey to the Sahara Desert, accompanied by atrombone. This journey and the sense of silent-space experiencedthere has been a continuous influence on his work ever since. In addition to regular international concerts and tours, currentactivities include the composition of a new four part suite for theDavid Kweksilber Big Band (Amsterdam) commissionedby David Kweksilber and the Performing Arts Fund, Netherlands (2011 –2012) and a new method book for trombone entitled: “TrombonePlaying – From Zero to Infinity”.

Michael Northam’s (a.k.a. mnortham) artistic trajectory hasbeen a gradual process extending from early actionistic performancesto current sound actions, field recordings and compositions. Northamexplores the avenue of direct electroacoustic improvisation, solo andwith a variety of collaborators. His many ‘sound actions’ have takenplace at venues throughout Europe and North America.


Anna Bromley

LAUTSTROM Project invites selected artists, composers, and scholars whose work explores auditory phenomena in interdisciplinary procedures into the radio studio of the house of world cultures. These studio guests working with Bromley formulate one-hour features that present their current projects, procedural methods, and research backgrounds using audio examples. Broadcasted Shows (mit u.a. Marc Sabat, Bill Dietz, Brandon LaBelle, Steffi Weismann, Valeria Merlini, Brian Harnetty are downloadable on the project site.

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