E447/0041With DJ Seeks Same

A sufficient number of bouncings-off of a sufficient number of asteroids and cosmic dust could convert the beams into wide-angle sprays which diffuse their energy signals in so many angular directions as to reduce them below receptor-detection lever. Eye-beamed thoughts might bounce off objects so remote so as to delay their 700 million mile per hour travel back to Earth for a thousand years, ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years. It is quite possible that thoughts may be eye-beamed outwardly not only from earth Earth to bounce back to Earth at some later period from some celestially-mirroring object., but also that thoughts might be beamed — through non-interfering space to be accidentally received upon Earth — from other planets elsewhere in the universe. ” — Buckminster Fuller, “Earth, Inc.”


Elegie - Sisteries - (Mordant Music/Unsound Festival)
Zenial - Luna nosa Horror from the sea (Mordant Music/Unsound Festival)
Black to Comm - Phase Horizon (Mordant Music/Unsound Festival)
Dolphins into the Future - Lapse Dream
Yma Sumac -Chuncho (the Forest Creatures)
Alva Noto -Haliod Xerox copy 9
Moondog - Hardshoe
Yukohiro Takahashi - Parano-mania
Renaldo and the Loaf - Bustle the Burgoo
The Associates - Fearless
Jacques Lejeune - Duexieme Temps - Gloria- Credo 8. Qui Tollis
Ruth White - Spleen