BASSTHEWORLD is a party series, exploring the experience of heavy subbass. BASSTHEWORLD Radio is helping dubstep sound to be heard in this city. BASSTHEWORLD is joined by artists from all over the world. BASSTHEWORLD Radio is also a supporter of local subbass ...Read More

Jeff Pils und Dönatella funktionieren das Studio im Haus der Kulturen der Welt um zur Gast- und Ruhestätte „Zum Alpharaver“. Hier werden nicht nur die besten Veröffentlichungen aus dem Bereich elektronischer Musik in den Äther gejagt, wobei von Dubstep über ...Read More

This time ON AIR will be dedicated to the upcoming Tribunal of the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants, which will take place in Berlin in 2013. INTERNATIONALES TRIBUNAL DER FLÜCHTLINGE UND MIGRANT_INNEN GEGEN DIE BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND VEREINT GEGEN KOLONIALES UNRECHT HTTP://WWW.REFUGEETRIBUNAL.ORG/ 13. ...Read More

Liebe Freunde und Kollegen! Seit mehr als 3 Wochen senden Sarah und ich nun von der São Paulo Biennale und wir haben es immer noch nicht geschafft dies überall anzukündigen. Daher verzeiht bitte diese Massen-Email die Euch auffordert einmal bei Mobile ...Read More

Show 398: antipodean field : constellations from kings rapid, by david haines. by David Haines “This piece was recorded in Dunedin New Zealand and in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. I thought I would climb Mt Analogue with this ...Read More

Gerard Couty (France, Germany) Media artist Besides running projects like Minus Delta T, Infermental, radio Bellevue, he was the main force behind Frigo, an independent multimedia production facility. He works as independent film maker and ...Read More

not really, first i am not looking for anything, this should clarify few things, secondly i am rather sure that looking for things is not the right approach. Besides in most cases it ...Read More

Born 1954 in Tunesia, Noureddine Ben Redjeb lives in Berlin since 1975. His voice is known from Radio Multikulti, where he used to moderate his own show. Today he works as a concert, ...Read More

half a year after the the final episode of disco inferno (13) here is another incarnation, due to popular and not so popular demand. it tries to sneak into the gaps and meanderings after ...Read More

Playlist: Nara leao - o circo Sivuca - Tunnel Edu Lobo - Marta e ronao Beto Guedes - cantar Clube de Esquina - o Tremolo azul João Gilberto - valsa Gary Wilson - Harpers bizarre - speak Low Gilbert O'sullivan - alone ...Read More