half a year after the the final episode of disco inferno (13) here is another incarnation, due to popular and not so popular demand.

it tries to sneak into the gaps and meanderings after the end end of disco (1979), avoiding post-disco clichés to explore miami and detroit electro if the early 80ies. you even get a a few edits this time.

Alice Coltrane - Spiritual Eternal
John Martyn - Dreams by the Sea
Taana Gardner - when you touch me (instrumental)
Natasha King - AM-FM (disconet)
Starshine - All I need is You (instrumental)
Arrogance - Jump the Funk (instrumental)
Network - Space Survivor
The Intergalactic Orchestra - Super Nova
Skyy - First Time Around (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)
The Jacksons - Show the Way you Go (Butch le Butcher edit)
Bruno Spoerri - Hallo World
Project Future - Ray Gun Omics
Osé - Computer Funk
L.A. Dream Team - Calling on the Dream Team
Channel One - Technicolor (Long mix)
Model 500 - Night Drive
Mick Karn - Piper Blue
Geoff Bastow - Tomorrow’s Communications
Ronnie Foster - Brother John
Hp Lovecraft - It’s about time (violin sample)