An Interruption – live – by Lucas Cejpek and Michael Fischer for Radio Helsinki/ Graz Lucas Cejpek text, reading Michael Fischer live-mix with 2 CD-players A live on air improvisation by Michael Fischer based on textfragments by Lucas Cejpek, dealing with interruption. The texts ...Read More

Hanin on Air" tonight on Rebootfm Berlin with "shake what your Mama gave yaaa!" Just pumpin' assshakin' Music from Breaks to Grime, Dubstep, Electronic, Booty, Baile, Hip Hop and Dance! Check your Radio ...Read More

Sean Derrick Cooper-Marquardt, is a composer of experimental sunburnt stories , the developer of the accidental guitar method , producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records,he also makes" miniatur film clips" to the release of ...Read More

MIETEN  - MISCHUNG - MEHRWERT. WARUM KOTTI & CO. UNS ALLE ANGEHT Unter dem Titel “Miete, Mischung, Mehrwert – Warum Kotti und Co uns alle angeht” haben die Migrations- und Stadtforscher/innen zu einer Veranstaltung geladen, die in den letzten Woche zwei ...Read More