An Interruption – live –
by Lucas Cejpek and Michael Fischer
for Radio Helsinki/ Graz

Lucas Cejpek text, reading
Michael Fischer live-mix with 2 CD-players

A live on air improvisation by Michael Fischer based on textfragments by Lucas Cejpek, dealing with interruption. The texts are part of a work in progress, a dictionary of a single word, which is INTERRUPTION.

In 2005 Michael Fischer developed connex:context, a series of live performances on Orange 94FM – community radio station Vienna, in collaboration with the authors Marietta Böning, Petra Ganglbauer, Christine Huber, Semier Insayif, Gerhard Jaschke, Christian Katt, Margret Kreidl, Peter Pessl, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Birgit Schwaner, Lisa Spalt, Dieter Sperl, Günter Vallaster, Peter Waugh, dasfröhlicheWohnzimmer; live performed at Alte Schmiede, Salon Praterstraße, Literaturhaus Wien, Literaturhaus Graz and festivals Literatur in Grün or Haydn in der Wart.

Lucas Cejpek born 1956 in Vienna, where he is living as a freelance author and director of theatre- and radio-plays. Latest book: Where Is Elizabeth? A novel, Sonderzahl publishers, Vienna 2009.

Michael Fischer musician-composer in the range of improvised music, noise, new music, soundscapes on saxophone, violin, cd-player/mixer, conducted instant compostions, since 1999 working on the implications of the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback. 2005 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, working as an instant composition conductor also for other large ensembles. Concerts, performances, festival appearances as musician and cross-collaborator throughout Europe and Japan.

Show 400: Radia present by Hartmut Geerken
For Radio Helskink In cooperation with Radio Orange /Vienna

Musician and sound artists Hartmut Geerken lives in the middle of Bavaria in Wartaweill and works with the sounds of surrounding nature. His ways to communicate with the animals are the present to celebrate the 400th Radia show this week. We follow Geerken into a nest of bumblebees and listen to the queen and all the smart insects while having breakfast, lunch and dinner.