transatlanticHow to Eat Cultures? A Transatlantic Melting Pot

What does Cultural Cannibalism mean? Was Antropofagia the forerunner of Tropicalismo? Why did Caetano Veloso leave Brazil at the end of the sixties? Is there a link between Portuguese traditional music and South American sounds? Was folk music for the Carnation Revolution what Facebook has been nowadays for the Arabian Spring? And what has a well-known chemist to do with all these questions?
Lavoisier, a young Portuguese singer and musician couple, is taking us on a trip through many decades and influences, eating cultures like Pac Man swallowed his pills. Bon appétit!

Moderation: Lavoisier & Bernd Robionek

Music: Lavoisier

Editorial: Bernd Robionek, Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke

Production: Lavoisier, Henning Schärfke

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