In its new episode Burn Like a Meteor, Ice FM invents the ideal apocalypse soundtrack. From the Last Judgement prophecy to the very personal version offered by Melancholia and its planet collision. Before the final galactic explosion, listen to Gina V d’Orio and her The End of The World beautifully whispered on Like a Tim’s powerful TB-303 Devil Fish.


Will Self – Revelation
Alva Noto – Uni C
Alva Noto – Uni Deform
Byetone – Lumen
From Philip Glass – Knee IV – Einstein On the Beach
David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - In His Ghostly Heart
Taylor Deeper – 4+2_Stil. Live
Alva Noto – Uni Asymmetric Sweep
Arnaud Rebotini – Mnll
Ichisan – Space Patrol
Innerzone Orchestra – Galaxy
Bernard Fevre – Odysée
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Vision For the Future
Scratch Massive – Follow Me
Suicide Booth – Aura
Legowelt – Half Moon 106
Sebastian San – Theories
Nomenklatür – Master & Slave
DMX Krew – Jupiter Mission
Galaxy Toobin – The Day of the Duel is Approaching
David Toop – An Arthropod Raising Its Head to See the Sirakami
Nasa Official – Sound of Saturn
Pierre Henry – Cataclysmes IV – Apocalypse de Jean
Max Cooper – I (Max Cooper’s Apocalypse Mix)
Aphex Twin – The Waxen pith
From Philip Glass – Knee IV – Einstein On the Beach
Philipp Glass – Spacership – Einstein On the Beach
Like a Tim & Gina V. d’Orio - The End of The World