The historical memory of human race is based on records. The cave paintings, Etruscan reliefs, Roman mosaics, the first printing … All these records were visual, touchables. This program collects ten moments of human history which reflects the importance of sound ...Read More

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Join us, Ben and Adam, in the future that is 2013. We're back, refreshed and talking about all matters deep web. From Bowie's latest abomination, to the latest, greatest forays into independent cinema. ...Read More

Born 1954 in Tunesia, Noureddine Ben Redjeb lives in Berlin since 1975. His voice is known from Radio Multikulti, where he used to moderate his own show. Today he works as a concert, ...Read More

raudio aasland: Maybe we just want encore... melodie and raliza take a look back at ausland year 2012. an occasion also to look forward to what is coming up in 2013. tune in on ...Read More