Wiederholung vom 13.04.2011

2/5BZ Serhat Köksal: Turkish Pop: B-Side of Glocal Security (Artist Presentation)
The trendiness of Turkish 60’s and 70’s pop and funk music (or other “authentic” sounds) has certain political implications. It may be asked whether this trendiness paves the way to an interesting hybridity or whether it is a means of taking a brand new oriental spa from a hamam. In other words, the sounds put into circulation in the “old center” are usually taken out of their context, and the possibilities this may bring to the “old center” can be questioned. For example, Selda is among the critics regarding the recent environment of fear created over b-type organizations, and the “far democratic” police state, the way of which is being paved by the arrest of opponents. Put into such a circulation in the “old center”, Selda, sauced with her opposition to the coup d’etat of 1980, is taken more as a dance-only “Turkish funk diva” in the glocal market, rather than current dissident. It can be asked whether it is a process of sterilizing the sounds taken out of context, and even more, whether it is a process of making these sounds an inexpensive input to the mainstream music industry, the product of which is to be consumed in the “old periphery”. Given the neo-liberal economic turn and its search for new markets, it can also be asked whether putting such like sounds into circulation in the “old center” is a liberating hybridization in a glocalizing world, or whether it is a means of manufacturing consent by co-optation, hence rendering the markets in the “old periphery” legible and secure, and even subsidizing low-cost subcontractors of the “old periphery” with, say, a dream of a Grammy. 2/5BZ, who has made audiovisual performances in 19 countries and 90 cities in the last 10 years on such like issues, will present us some of his sounds.