Zu Gast: Philipp Virus

Philipp Virus born in 1971 in West-Berlin is one of the pioneers of the 1990’s generation of independent, digital filmmakers and producers. He is the only German artist whose music videos can be found in the music-video archive of the Museum of Modern Arts in New York. Since 1993 he directed & produced over 80 music videos and a couple of short movies which gained worldwide attention on numerous music stations and film festivals. Since more than a decade he worked with bands like:Atari Teenage Riot (Alec Empire), Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth (Kim Gordon,Thurston Moore),Jon Spencer Blues Explosion,Iggy Pop & The Stooges,K.I.Z.,Kraftklub and many others.

As a cameraman he captured claustrophobic pictures of the place where RAF terrorist Meins died for Gerd Conrad’s Starbuck-Holger Meins in 2002. Miron Zownir’s documentary about Werner Herzogs “Kaspar Hauser” actor “Bruno S. - Estrangement is death” was filmed and also co-produced by Virus Films (premiered at the Berlinale-Panorama 2003). As a guest lecturer he worked at DFFB Berlin, Merzakademie Stuttgart and ECAL in Lausanne. In 2006 he started directing & producing an epic documentary on US rock legend Dinosaur Jr.
which had a strong influence on bands like Nirvana in the late eighties featuring some of americas most influental musicians in really intimate interviews talking about Dinosaur Jr. (theatrical release exspected in 2014). With his partner Peter Domsch and the production company Gold in Berlin he directed,produced and filmed live Dvd´s of bands like Dinosaur Jr.,Atari Teenage Riot,Alec Empire,Beatsteaks,Pennywise,Casper ,etc. . In 2011 Virus`s short film “The animal you hide” feat.:Vanessa Matic,Clemens Schick,Birol Uenel and Natalia Avelon got nominated for the “Preis fuer junge Filmkunst” given by the Deutsche Filmakademie & Nationalgalerie fuer junge Kunst.

In january 2012 Virus his new partner in crime Al Mir relaunched his artistic platform Virus Films to direct and produce music videos. He got awarded with a golden record for directing the music videos of Kraftklub (“Songs fuer Liam” & “Kein Liebeslied”). Virus is currently working on his first feature. For more information visit: ,

Hanin Elias sings and produces electronic music since 1992. Call it Industrial, Digital Hardcore, Techno or Noise. After her comeback from micronesia islands she released a new record “Get It Back” on Rustblade Recordings.