Move D aka David Moufang is an artist who stayed in town, even if he is travelling the clubs and festivals of the world. Wouldn’t his music quite certainly sound different if it weren’t produced there? If there is something like a Heidelberg Vibe, then here you have it: The smoothness of the climate, the slight sense of otherworldly escapes, into the sky, the forest, along the river. A dark laconic yet melancholic openness, which doesn’t bother to trick or impress, it just is. His taste is certainly schooled by the to do with the way, jazz, house, funk, rap, soul was introduced in the clubs earlier and deeper than in other towns, due to the Nato Headquarter and G.I. Discos. Here you have a steadyness of production, a genious and generosity, which was and is more and more rare.

Two New Releases in one week: (Vinyl Only)

To the Disco 77 and it’s remixes on electricminds is already storming the charts on juno and elsewhere.
preview on youtube
12” EMINDS026 available to purchase from

Nautique is the deep underwater b-side of a track given to Groove Magazine’s stream where Curle picked it up.