Between live mix, sound collage and scientific experiment, “The Time Machine” will explore the many dimensions of past and present day electronic dance music, quantum- jumping the barriers within the genre, blurring the lines between past, present and future, with ...Read More

Suns of Thyme is a Berlin based psychedelic and shoegaze influenced indie rock four-piece founded in 2011. Their music ranges from motoric kraut driven tunes over dreamy fluttering ballads to meditativ vast mantra orbiting songs. The first single “Soma (God ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 03.05.2013 Heute die Sendung bei Reboot.Fm mit KottiundCo JUGEND mit Detlef K. , Mehmet-Said, Samet und Hamza C. Themen: KottiundCo Jugendgruppe endstehung, 1. Mai, Zwangsräumung, Kampf gegen hohe Mieten und Verdrängung, Wir trauern um Rosemarie F, Info zum ...Read More