This soundtrack is a declaration of love to undead people personified in Otto, main zombie character of Bruce LaBruce’s “Otto, up with dead people”. Tense experimental electro-techno, and also melancholic vaporous tracks, even pop rock insertions, linked up with dialogues ...Read More

The periphery is a circumference far removed from the center. Mainstream culture is often centralized, selling „center“ as the „it“, the place to be. New York, London, Moscow... and now Berlin! It is about megapolises and capital cities, as opposed ...Read More

Bands, Klatsch, Konzerte, Ausgehtipps, usw. Playlist: neoangin - the future of past flu - batan batan circle - sunset street tocotronic/dirk von lowtzow - andere ufer (live am 1.9. vor dem Brandenburger Tor) veda hille - 300 stuffed penguins (live am 28.8. im schokoladen) sorry gilberto - ...Read More

Zu Gast ist der Astrophysiker und Schriftsteller Ulrich Woelk. Wiederholung vom 2.3.2013 Themen: Von der Astrophysik zur Literatur und von der Literatur zur Astronomie. Sternwarten in der Atacama-Wüste. Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen: Hermann Oberth ...Read More