female:pressure PERSPECTIVES | Festival, Workshops, Talks
12. / 13. September 2013 | Berlin

On the mic: Aschka, Kritzkom and Rona Geffen.

A study released by the female:pressure collective, which has received much attention in the media recently, demonstrates that even today, 80 per cent of the artists featured on the agendas of the biggest music festivals are male, while female acts are represented by a mere 10 per cent. When asked about the reasons for this glaring inequality, curators often claim that there are simply not enough female artists. This is an argument that fails to reflect our current social reality and, at the same time, disregards a significant source of creative and economic potential. The situation in Berlin is no exception. Within this context, we are launching our upcoming festival female:pressure PERSPECTIVES with the objective of reinforcing the visibility of women in electronic music and the digital arts. This two-day showcase will allow a wider audience to hear and experience the individual perspectives of many different female artists on electronic music. Our intention is also to initiate a dialogue and exchange with international and local festival curators and artists through workshops and talks, explore the foundational dynamics and develop mutually beneficial solutions for the future.
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