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NOTTOMAN REVOLT @ TAKSiM GEZİ : In this program , it was discussed that NOTTOMAN rebellion ( 1240- 2013 ) that holds an important place in the history of the NATTOMAN empire State with NATO stations . In addition, the possible implications of the heteredox NOTTOMAN revolt movement in the next centuries are discussed. GEZiLLA BABA who led the revolt and revolutionaries captured the important cities in NEO-LiBERAL states and MARSHALLAH PLAN OF WORLD CULTURES .

The anti-government protests that have shaken Istanbul since the end of May
in Taksim Square’s Gezi Park.
2 taksim 5 BZ protests ( interview ) Guardian 13.6.2013
” Slash ” mark translation ” Taksim ” in Turkish
- Why did you join the protest?
On 28 May 2013, I was one of the 30-40 people that who heard the news trees will be destroyed and came together at Gezi Parki at 7:30 am to stop the machines. That day, they managed to knock down the trees a little, with police violence and pepper gas. I did not expect that the events will be spread to the world. I hope that they are spread to places that they are not spread as well.
- Were you surprised by the police violence?
No. But, until these happened, the foreign press was telling tales of a developing and enriching turkey, culturally and economically. the violence and waywardness in those events are in direct relationship to this. I guess this should also be underlined as much as police violence.
- Is this a cultural as well as a political struggle?
Turkey has the highest number of imprisoned journalists, the first in Europe and third in the world vis a vis worker’s deaths, the biggest “palace of justice” in the world has been built in Turkey where countless number of laws are passed. In such a place, struggle against the state is a struggle for being human and a folk war. It is very easy to comment on. There is no need to develop cultural theses. “The higher the number of laws, the backwards the country”.
- Can the protesters win anything?
For example, taking over a digger and chasing police tank is a gain. Also this vehicle is put on sale on the internet. If it is sold, it will be another gain.
It shows that something could be won in protests to stop the greed and the opening of natural entities and resources in these lands and in this geography to plunder, in the hands of today’s nationally dressed imperial state with multinational companies, in line with neoliberal policies.
- Will you use this incident in your music/art?
There a numerous works that I have produced in the last 5 years. One I did in 2008 is exactly about the events these days and Taksim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry2uWPBQSfU
This work was shown in some international exhibitions.
I was offered to show some videos and music I have made in the Park, two days after the incident, on 31 May, 2013 on Sunday.
2/5BZ @ FUSION FESTIVAL (GUIDE ANNOUNCE ) 27.06.- 30.06.2013


2/5 BZ aka BerBat Zoksal ist ein Multimediaprojekt. Literatur, Musikcollagen und Alltagsgeräusche gemischt mit Beats, Radiogesang und allem was sich finden lässt. So spielt BZ auf Ausstellungen, in Squats oder Clubs. Auf der Schwelle zum Trash ist das Gesamtwerk absolut sehenswert und entfaltet einen gewaltigen Sog, dem man sich nicht entziehen kann. Zu lässigen Beats und den Klängen Istanbuls darf - nein muss getanzt werden. Hier sind keine Türkei-Klischees zu erwarten, das ist real Shit. Eine Perle! … die wir euch leider nicht präsentieren können, weil er sich auf der Flucht vor freidrehenden Superbullen in Istanbul beide Arme brach. Wir wünschen Ihm von ganzem Herzen, dass er bald wieder vollständig gesund wird. STAY REBEL, STAY CAPULCU! …” The higher the number of laws, the backwards the country ” Aziz Nesin
‘One Nation, One State, One Religion, One Flag.’ The slogan echoes, and draws attention to, a controversial comment made by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2012, in which he added ‘religion’ to a traditionally secular statement of Turkish national identity.

2/5bz - Nottoman ( 1992-2010 )

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