time. measure, number and rule. rhythm and beat. synchronization. but what if clocks run differently? if they get out of synch, stop, get rid of the regime of time zones, world time, standard time? what time do they show? and ...Read More

On this episode of Radio Spaetkauf, how did your district vote in the election? Hear Andrew and Maisie reveal some pretty expected results. We discover a chance to rent Angela Merkel's old flat ...Read More

do we have an answer why we are occupying? ourselves, others, politics and policies ... hoermaschine30 is trying to follow a talk at the "kantine" in the museumsquartier vienna. http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More

Jetzt und in Zukunft. Eine Inaugenscheinnahme. Ein LAUTSTROM-Special von Katharina Potrykus und Anne-Sophie Pahl. Im Juli diesen Jahres besuchten Anne-Sophie Pahl und Katharina Portykus die neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK), das Jugendkulturzentrum PUMPE und ...Read More

After Year Zero Artists Kodwo Eshun, Kadar Attia & John Akomfrah talk about their work, colloaborations, the non-aligned movement and political imagination. The reorganization of the world after the “Stunde Null” 1945, is told here with a focus on the ...Read More