As a great conclusion of THE SPACE BETWEEN US - MUSIC CONVENTION celebrated at WAU -Wirtshaus am Ufer. DJ Zhao, Stef the Cat, Mma Tseleng, Bongani Madondo, Garnette Cadogan, Kimba Mutanda, Alfred Mehnert "Le King de ChaChaBuKa" and friends are playing ...Read More

5th Dimension - Dimension 5ive Harpers Bizarre - poly high Lynsey de Paul - storm in a teacup Chuck & Mary Perrin - life is a stream Steve Lawrence - the drifter Terry Jacks - of cities and ...Read More

Garnette Cadogan flips it from the A side to the B side as he traces the global legacy of musics that might freak you out. This is not a Jazz show. Special guest: Vijay Iyer on his award winning African ...Read More

Joey Hansom – last heard as a guest on S*P*A*R* #29 talking about Berlin’s queer music scene – takes over this show to introduce you to Nonclassical, the acclaimed London-based event series and record label. Joey first imported Gabriel Prokofiev’s ...Read More