Joey Hansom – last heard as a guest on S*P*A*R* #29 talking about Berlin’s queer music scene – takes over this show to introduce you to Nonclassical, the acclaimed London-based event series and record label. Joey first imported Gabriel Prokofiev’s “contemporary classical club night” to Berlin last year, and the second edition will take place September 11 at Chalet. In this episode you’ll hear an avant-garde whirlwind of traditional instruments like strings and piano alongside turntables, digital tweaks, drum programming and early electronic compositions – which also gives a taste of what to expect at Nonclassical Berlin No. 2 this Wednesday. More info:

1. Gabriel Prokofiev: The Elysian Quartet
“String Quartet No. 1, First Movement” (Gabriel Prokofiev Remix)

2. John Mattias & Nic Pendlebury: Trinity College of Music String Ensemble
“Cortical Songs” (Thom York Remix)

3. Gabriel Prokofiev: Heritage Orchestra featuring DJ Yoda
“Largo Pesante-Allegro-Largo, ‘Malmo’”

4. John Kameel Farah
“The Cataclysm”

5. Karlheinz Stockhausen
“Strukur X”

6. Gabriel Prokofiev: Peter Gregson
“Float Dance” (Alex Symcox Remix)

7. Jürgen Grözinger: European Music Project
“Si Tu Savais”

8. Stella Veloce: Julia Andres, Yeuntae Jeong, Gineke Pranger
“Binary Opposition”

9. Pauline Oliveros
“I of IV