The Quaker Hall Hire By Show by LSD Fundraiser for from Radio One 94 Fm, Dunedin. Read More

"Dinge im Rückspiegel sind näher als sie erscheinen"-Teil 2 über Freundschaft, Erinnerungen und ein Bankett Live-Aufnahmen von "Dinge im Rückspiegel sind näher als sie erscheinen" am 14. und 15.9.2013 im ausland/Berlin. Interviews ...Read More

There is this song from my youth that goes: "there are only moments in life that are important" it comes back to me now and then, as if because what we remember are ...Read More

yes and yes and true and old and new and world and local glocal kitsch and groove help me out no style in a pile of sounds mixed with emotional logic systems and printed in decibels bells ringing Read More

Bongani Madondo"s Performance Lecture: "Malombo Meets MaMlambo, a Fictional Affair and The IndieGENIUS tale of Rock 'n Roll as part of the African Healing Systems", a theatrical lecture inspired by Brecht's philosophy of Breaking the Fourth ...Read More