On this show, we will be playing an interview from a group called, The Truth Booth. Maisie went along to meet them and find out about the project, how it works, the results so far and how it will evolve. See the link for the Truth Booth webpage: www.the-truth-booth.org2013-08-22-073410-am

Our “Short News” this time is regarding a Walter Womacka memorial that’s been in Ikea bag storage for the last few weeks but recently has been re-located to Friedensgracht, near Unter Den Linden by the housing association, WBM.
Here’s a link to Maisie’s blog with documentation of the memorial: http://bit.ly/1axI0PK

Before signing off… Maisie and Andrew had a chat about a recent video creation by the Goethe Institute of Germany. Not to spoil the surprise, but we don’t think it’s great….
Take a look for yourself on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1axI6qk

Music this week from Phedre (Cold Sunday!) and House of Black Lanterns feat. Leni Ward (Shot You Down)

The Spaeti team saw Phedre in a recent gig and found them to be most enjoyable.

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