Tonight’s edition of Sergei Kleyn’s “Worldwide Periphery” is dedicated to one of Neukoelln’s cult spots for cheese, rhythm and booze, Peppi Guggenheim International, located at Weichselstr. 7 in Berlin between Sonnenallee and Donaustr. Since 2009 the Austrian repatriant Georg Weishaeupl had kept its doors open and its clients satisfied with rare-to-find homemade drinks from private distilleries and raw milk, non/pasteurized cheeses from individual producers of Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The Kulturkneipe features a wide spectre of music from all over the world, both central and peripheral. Since August of this year, Worldwide Periphery has been organizing concert series at the bar and recording them, in the meantime paying the musicians with assorted cheeses, good drinks and Kuenstlerspende box money (as all shows are free to attend), as well as streaming the shows online.
Tonight at 10pm (Berlin time) you will be able to hear the cream of the crop from this private stash of recordings made possible by longtime Peppi alumni, the mad professor of Sound, Wilhelm Martens. Selected and mixed by Sergei Kleyn, the music will take you along on a strayed path from folklore to free jazz to electronica to contemporary classical.
Touch the edge of the circumference on the Periphery and God bless the Cheesus!


Amir Friedman * ISR
Cactus Quartet * DE/GR/USA
Nu & Apa Neagra * RO
Peeping Tom * SE/FR/DE
Doublebass Doubledate > Felicie Bazelaire (FR) / Joel Grip (SE/DE)
Trio Dorioderuido (UK/DE/PORT)
Amir Friedman * ISR
Peeping Tom * SE/FR/DE