a-city-afterThe right to the city is a cry and a need. The radio feature A City After Our Heart‘s Desire presents the urban resistance and “their” Berlin. The starting points of this radio feature are the famous suitcase, one has left in Berlin, Zygmunt Baumans notion of a „liquid“ modernity and at a sentence form a famous speech dating back to 1963, saying: Let them come to Berlin!

The feature includes conversations with Seyran Ates (lawyer, human rights activist, Berlin), Bui Kim-Dinh (archeologist, curator, Berlin), Daniel Brunet (artistic director of The English Theatre Berlin), H. (long time activist in refurgee`s aid for the underaged), Fernando Jimenez (architect, human rights activist, Santiago de Chile), Kilometre (musician, Berlin), an unnamed regugee from Ghana and a song by Yok Quetschenpower.

Michael Fesca, Corinne Lembe-Mayunga and Klara Kußmann have kindly lend their voices to my questions and considerations.

This radio feature was conceived and produced in the course of converations with Daniel Brunet, Susanne Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval in the realm of their project TERRAIN OF THRESHOLD VOICES.

With Anna Brommley