mirco-magnani-by-kiril-bikovMirco Magnani aka T.C.O.

Mirco Magnani aka T.C.O. is a Berlin based music composer, producer, sound designer, video artist, curator and dj (Lazare), he was co-founder and composer of the music projects Minox, Technophonic Chamber Orchestra, 4Dkiller. Since 1984 he has produced music and mixed-media events by the band Minox, the basic idea of his work didn’t limit itself only to sound but also moved toward the visual and literary arts, dance and theatre, image and poetry and he co-founded the independent record label Suite inc./Suiteque in 1996.
He has worked for his label releases and on the stage with Steven Brown (he produced Minox “Lazare” – Industrie Discografiche Lacerba - Lacer 9 - 1986) and Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon, Lydia Lunch, Krisma, Mad Professor, Nobukazu Takemura, The Gentle People, Murcof, Daedelus.
  In 2000 co-founded Suitevision, a sublabel that was dedicated to images and visuals. In 2004 Mirco started his solo project T.C.O by “Decompositio Sonata” an audio-visual for a remixing project of classical composers from the past century. In 2009 he moved to Berlin developing his projects between exhibitions, live shows and dj sets.
He’s also working with the painter Valentina Bardazzi by which he has produced some thematic exhibitions titled “Untitled for Parenthesyne Suite”, “Mio Son Tuo” and curating with her the event Undogmatisch, including collective exhibition, live and dj sets.
Actually he’s going to release a new album, a sort of neo-tech Opera titled “Madame E.”, based on a novel from Georges Bataille with the singer Ernesto Tomasini.
More a new release as T.C.O., new unreleased tracks for a dark ambient techno releasing, mixing digital with analog devices’ soloism.
In 2013 a new collaboration starts by the meeting in Berlin with Federico Nitti, an electroacoustic improvising set for analog devices.