As the eyes of the whole world are fixed on Ukrainian peaceful revolution, Reboot.FM’s very own Sergei Kleyn is looking at the historical situation from the inside >>> field recordings from the streets of Kiev and the best of the contemporary and historical Ukrainian musicians in the 5th edition of Worldwide Periphery, December 7th 2013.

1. field recording from Maidan, bell ringer
2. GrozovSka Band “Sumno”
3. Boris Hmyrya “I have reached the top of power” (Boris Godunov’s aria from the eponymous opera)
4. Dakha Brakha “Sho s pid-duba”
5. Karina Kuznetsova “As the soul fared the body well” Ukrainian traditional, home recording
6. Aleksandra Morozova (piano) recorded at KMDA, Kiev revolutionary city hall
7. Greek Orthodox Victory liturgy by monks from Mikhailovsky Cathedral, field recording from KMDA
8. The Jesus Prayer by Lviv Greek Catholic monks choir, field recording from the main stage of Maidan
9. Roman Hrynkiv (bandura solo) recorded live in his studio
10. Dakh Daughters “Donbass” live recording
11. Automaidan activists blocking Berkut headquarters and sounds of their honks and sirens, field recording from youtube
12. Piper, recorded in front of KMDA
13. Yuri Mikhalchishin, propagandist of Svoboda (Freedom) party, speaking at Maidan
14. folklore musicians playing and singing Kozak songs at Maidan
15. rapper singing political rhymes at Maidan
16. Boris Hmyrya, “Black eyebrows, hazel eyes”, traditional romance
17. King Imagine, track 7 from “Soundscapes” LP, 2013
18. Sergei Kleyn “Dynamica Kiev”, poetry, field recording
19. Dakha Brakha “Dubi”
20. Protesters screaming “Gan’ba!” (Disgrace) in front of Ministry of Internal affairs, demonstrating against illegal arrests of the Nine from Bankova str.
21. same as 11
22. Aleksandra Morozova, see track 6
23. Ukr.tele.kom “For R.Mutt”
24. Ukrainian hymn performed by the Maidan crowd, field recording
25. Roman Hrynkiv, as 9
26. Ukr.tele.kom, “No more white dresses…”, from The Holy Terrors, 2012
27. as 13, radically slowed down
28. as 1