podcast produced for radioCona and CoLaboRadio, Berlin, Slovenians Demand Radical Change During the closing months of 2012, Slovenia has seen a series of mass popular protests. Thirty thousand demonstrators gathered on November 17 for the first protest, organised by trade unions, students, ...Read More

Interview with RefugeeActivist Napuli Paul Langa. We talked about solidarity and treachery, the representation of their demands in the press, the effects of colonialism and about the womens role inside the refugee protest. SissiFM ...Read More

Ben and Adam prowl around digital graveyards and paddle in pools of shallow-web, mixing metaphors and drinks to bring you the finest aural cuts from 2013. The gentlemen walk back through a year ...Read More

Raudio Aasland, December 8th - Music and interviews from two of Ausland's November 2013 shows. NYC sound artist Andrea Parkins discusses sound, space, and growing up in the countryside, while Berlin-based trombonist Hilary ...Read More

Wir bieten Adventsstimmung, Livemusik mit Matti und dem Hang Instrument, Gespräch mit der Wiener Band theKinder, Spass und Unterhaltung mit Thilo Bleich, moderiert von Guido Plonski -Band thE KindeR thE KindeR sind drei motivierte Vollblutmusiker, ...Read More