the_little_school_boston-athenaeumJETLAG ARCHIPELAGO #34 :: Soup

“A Mountain of Parts Does Not Make a Car
An automobile consists of thousands of parts, each one essential for building a flawless, complete vehicle. It is no easy task to coordinate their assembly. Without perfect organization of the assembly process, even a mountain of parts fails to become a single vehicle. For the task of coordinating the assembly of thousands of parts, we must design a unique pattern of control and organization. “
Toyoda Kiichiro, 1937. From Open the Window! It’s a Big World Out There: Principles at Toyota
“They excavate tunnels in earth and lay their eggs within its pores; the larvae burrow through the earth’s skin, migrating in the connective tissues, crust and strata, feeding on necrotic solids and surfaces. Burrowing sounds may be heard from within the earth. Once they have finished infesting the earth’s solid part, the larvae will cut breathing holes and press their headless tails against the surface for air. The larvae will continue to grow while boring out spinal cavities for the earth’s body which will never be filled. As the larvae grow, they will enlarge the holes and come out of the ground.”
Reza Negarestani from Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials

Featuring the sounds of:
Patorzhynsky and the Bandura Chorus
David Van Tieghem
Monks of the Sherab Ling Monastery
Sun Ra
John Cale
Stephen Remmler
Yma Sumac
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Art Ensemble of Chicago