Media Loca #19 - 3 Years after Fukushima 11.03.11

Mo Loschelder has invited 3 Japanese women to talk about consequences after the MCA at Fukushima in 2011:
Yumiko Minami Scheumann as one of the organizers of
“Kazaguruma Demo” on Saturday March 8th, http://sayonara-nukes-berlin.org
Manami.N and Midori Hirano aka MimiCof who are inviting with Mo Loschelder to
“Continuity and Change - Energy and Society after Fukushima 11.03.11” at
Ausland on Tuesday March 11th, www.ausland-berlin.de/continuity-and-change
1. Manami N. “Tokyo Demo Sound 2013”
2. Kyoka “New Energy Shuffle”
3. MimiCof “Hills In The Ocean”