Too Early Works’ / reboot show

Today’s studio-guest interrupts her work in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien: a 6-weeks log episode of Émissions de l’Art Visionnaire, a radio station presenting many artists performing sound art, music, puppet theatre, talk and dance from and about the unfinished, the undone, the break and rest, the sketch, the invisible, the immaterial status of work -

to visit This show is about openness and the potential of sharing the idea, or better said the moments in the process of art production that are still collective, still in exchange, with other producers and audience. Pit and Sara propose that never finishing gives work the chance to escape the pressure of the ready product, escape the market, the viewer’s ‘zapping and skipping’ tendencies and finally the competition and self-marketing of artists that once used to work together. ‘Too Early Works’ is a collage of snippets from Émissions de l’Art Visionnaire, internet finds, research in the subject, presentation of other artist’s work and ideas to be begun and continued in the future.

Listen, pick your favourite idea and continue its realisation. Feel free to use what you find, feed it back in the pool of utopias and counter plans. We love your pirate energies.