UIOR belongs to the experimental German-Russian Noiseart-scene and mixed a heaven&hell-set for Radio Corax and radia.fm In the last years UIOR started to work with frequencies beyond our audible range – silent sounds effectively … – UIOR doesn’t work ...Read More

This is Berlin’s news podcast. Tonight: Oranienplatz has been cleared out. The refugee camp has been replaced by a police camp. Politicians are claiming victory, and crass young conservatives are photographing themselves ...Read More

Accumulated observation has shown that dreams are strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep, during which an electroencephalogram (EEG) shows brain activity that, among sleep states, is most like wakefulness. Participant-remembered dreams during NREM sleep are normally more mundane in ...Read More

Mike Hentz, der fließend englisch, deutsch, italienisch und französisch spricht, wuchs als Sohn eines Ingenieurs und einer Dolmetscherin in den USA, Italien, der Schweiz und in Österreich auf. Er ist Schweizer und US-amerikanischer Staatsbürger. Hentz erhielt klassischen ...Read More

Inspired by her book of the same title, I interviewed Sarah Schulman, New York based author and university professor, about the history of gentrification in New York, from the 1970s to today. Sarah shares her personal account of how gentrification ...Read More