newyorkfotoInspired by her book of the same title, I interviewed Sarah Schulman, New York based author and university professor, about the history of gentrification in New York, from the 1970s to today. Sarah shares her personal account of how gentrification changed the central areas of New York, and how the Aids crisis was connected to that process in the 80s. A key point in her book is to show how the values and thinking of people there have changed in the course of these processes. With gentrification being a current experience now in 2014 in Berlin (and this definitely includes a gentrification of the mind, in my view), I find it interesting and important to study how these things happened 30-40 years ago elsewhere.

And, as usual, there will be music. Host of the show: Andrea Goetzke

Sarah Schulman (2012): Gentrification of the Mind. Witness to a lost Imagination:

Foto Credit: Anja L. Weiss, aufgenommen irgendwo in New York