Ice FM - Dead Palm Trees - Our Odd Summer Compilation Summer is coming.  Ice FM offers "Dead Palm Trees", its odd summer compilation with a few unreleased & new tracks from anticipated compilations (the next Modeselektor one, ...Read More

No Ukrainian music this time, as Maydan is proliferating and becoming, indeed, worldwide. Sad date tonight, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of indigenous people of Krym, the Kyrymly, from their native land into Stalins Gulags all over ...Read More

Bands, Klatsch, Konzerte, Ausgehtipps, usw. mit DJ ANNA, aka Ran Huber. Jeffrey Lewis - Short Notice live: 13.6. Kantine am Berghain R. Stevie Moore - Studio Animals / Jesus rocks / Without Cause / Satisfaction live: 26.5. im Marie Antoinette DC Schneider - Coincidence live: 30.5. ...Read More

Zu Gast ist der Industriedesigner Welf Oertel. World Wide Developer Conference 2013. Der Apple-Kult. Jony Ive und Dieter Rams. Zehn Design-Thesen als Neo-Katechismus. Minimalismus und Skeuomorphismus. Kreatives Chaos vs. „Stummer Diener“. LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Substainability). Hi-Tech-Monolithen vs. ...Read More