mulepagetop_linedrawing-185x1851Michael J. Sheehy is a Londoner, who began in the mid 90’s to perform in a band known als ‚Dream City Film Club’. Their sound was difficult to categorize in that it encompassed tortured lovelorn balladry, avant-garde flourishes, Tin Pan Alley, straightforward rock and gospel yearnings in both lyrics and subject matter, but with everything he did musically after the band dissolved in 1999 he made music in the same vein. In 2000 he released his first solo-re

cord, five until now, and started another band, together with his brother Patrick McCarthy (who taught him to play guitar), called ‚Saint Silas Intercession’. Their new moniker, ‚Miraculous Mule’, is a trio that fuses electric rock and gospel.

Zu Gast im Studio: M. J. Sheehy und P. McCarthy
Gastgeber: M. Freerix