unhealthy_frequencies_500x500_c2a9UNHEALTHY FREQUENCIES (REVISITED)
Peter does crazy things. Because of the transmitter put in his head and linked to his fingernail as a receptor. Should turn off the inner radio at any price, even if it god damned hurts like hell.
Explore his schizophrenic mind and hearing hallucinations through this show full of hard and soft frequencies, whispers and screams.
Experimental and noise electronic music selection by our resident Max Fraisier-Roux, based on Lodge Kerrigan’s cult movie « Clean, Shaven ».
NB: To appreciate all frequencies variations and subtleties in the complete soundscape, please use loudspeakers or headphones!
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AFG - A Stranger to start a Tale
Robert Lippok - Bouncingform
Erin Sexton - Suspend / 2 Electromagnetic Amplifiers
Raudive - Feral
GX Jupitter-Larsen/The Haters - Fuechen
Pixel - Ericson Sandstone
Oneohtrix Point Never - He She
Fraction - Astral Rain Messager (instrumental)
Warong Rachapreecha - Shambles
Femminielli Noir - Nein Danke
Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Pianofup
Alma Laprida & Juan Jose Calarco - Contorso
The Haxan Cloak - Excavation (Part 1)
Don Preston - Analogue Heaven #6
Ellen Allien - Lism
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall - Alloy Ceremony
Henry Jacobs - Sonata for Loudspeakers
Arne Deforce & Mika Vainio - Cocytus (River of Lamentation)
Ian Martin - The Followers
Luciano Berio - Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)
Benjamin Thigpen - Thread0