Wiederholung vom 22.6.2014

war-by-maxim-dondyuk1. Dawning of the New (Calimba) and intro by Sergei Kleyn
2. Nina Matviyenko “Oy, rodu nash krasnyi…”
3. Geobbels’ “Total Krieg” speech
4. Peter Broetzmann Octet “Machine Gun” 1968 (excerpt)
5. Yurij Levitan “Announcement of Beginning of Great Patriotic War 1941”
6. Grazhdanskaya Oborona “Shla voyna (…and the war was going on…)” 2006
7. Frankie Goes to Hollywood “War” 1984
8. Bob Marley and the Wailers “War/No More Troubles (live)” 1978
9. Anna Nikitina singing a Ukrainian folk Song
10. Kultur Shock “Sarajevo”
11. The Fugs “Kill For Peace” 1966
12. Orthodox Polyphonic singing
13. Bob Dylan “Masters of War”
14. L7 “Wargasm”
15. Dead Kennedys “Chemical Warfare”
16. Ukrainian ultras soccer fans “Putin Huylo”
17. OUN UPA (Ukraine Uprising Army) hymn
18. Buju Banton “Up Ye Mighty Race”
19. Hrushevsky street, Kiev, Jan.21, 2014 uprising (field recording by Sergei Kleyn)
20. Valentin Sylvestrov “Dedication to Serhyi Nigoyan” (lyrics by Taras Schevchenko)
21. Einstuerzende Neubauten “Nagorny Karabach”
22. Roots Controlla “Bright Way to the Coast”
23. Eric Dolphy “God Bless the Child”
24. Grand Funk Railroad “People Let’s Stop the War!”
25. PTVP “Voyna” 2011
26. Albert Ayler “Message from Albert” (excerpt) 1968
27. Pikardiyska Tertsiya “Plyne Kacha po Tysyni”
28. Outro (calimba)

On June 22nd, 1941, at 4am, Hitler’s Germany threw its tanks, Luftwaffe and the infantry at the Soviet borders, announced. Thus, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s former ally, was pulled into World War II, which had effectively launched 2 years earlier with the split of Poland between the two evil empires, in 1939.
Millions of people back then, across the European continent, as well as in the USSR, had been entirely oblivious to the fact that Europe was already amidst War, the one that had already taken thousands of lives and would be about to harvest millions more.

Just as the “unsuspecting” silent majority faced their rude awakening when it had been way too late, so present generations of Europeans are standing on the threshold of the new turn of the World War spiral. War is already waged in Europe, in Eastern Ukraine, undeclared, as it was over 70 years ago – this time triggered by Putin’s Russia. A hybrid war – involving heavy media manipulation, paid thugs and mercenaries in uniforms with no insignia, trained and consulted by GRU/FSB specialists.

However, life goes on uninterrupted in the EU.

Poppy flowers maroon amidst the sunburnt yellowish grass in the quiet and peaceful fields of German suburbia (like blood drops)… From whence this collection of songs comes to you on Worldwide Maydan.
Listen carefully.
Act in accord with your hearts. It concerns you, too.
What you do with this burden is entirely up to you. None other.
by Sergei Kleyn