“In many places the coast is rock-bound, or, more properly, clinker-bound; tumbled masses of
blackish or greenish stuff like the dross of an iron furnace, forming dark clefts and caves here and there, into which a ceaseless sea pours a fury of foam, overhanging them with a swirl of gray, haggard mist, amidst which sail screaming flights of unearthly birds heightening the dismal din. However calm the sea without, there is no rest for these swells and those rocks; they lash and are lashed, even when the outer ocean is most at peace with itself. On the oppressive, clouded days, such as are peculiar to this part of the watery Equator, the dark, vitrified masses, many of which raise themselves among white whirlpools and breakers in detached and perilous places off the shore, present a most Plutonian sight. In no world but a fallen one could such lands exist.” –Herman Melville, “Enchanted Isles”

Featuring :

Habesha 2000 (Staring into the Sun compilation, Sublime Frequencies, 2011)

Estonian Folk Music (Musical Art of the Peoples of the USSR Anthology, 1986)

On the marsh in the early morning (Singing Air of Estonia, 1989)

Brněský rozhlasový orchestr lidových nástrojů (Czechoslovakia, 1976)

Wakar Uwa Mugu (Extreme Music from Africa compilation, 1997)

Tutampiga (Extreme Music from Africa compilation, 1997)

Naše pjesme (Music from Gabela, Hercegovina, Yugoslavia, 1957-1974)

Bene Gesserit (Turkish Delight compilation, Netherlands, 1983)

Hafler Trio (All that Rises Must Converge, 1993)

Circassian melodies (Traditional World Musics/Musical Atlas, Abkhazia)

Vivenza (L’Enfer Est Intime, 1985)

RNA Organism (R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O, Japan, 1980)

Gülcan Opel (Yaz Dostum, Turkey, 1987)