jodorowsky-casa-ukranaWorldwide Maydan #11 puts the “Worldwide” back into the Maydan, with a vengeance.
Worldwide Maydan gets down with ISIS, Gaza, submarines, airplanes, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, lethal viruses, villains and superheroes (real and fictitious), who might just save the day… or, better yet: the World!
A musico-political transcontinental hustle, this time we outdo ourselves, going deep in heart of the desert, under the water, and up into the air: through the scorching heat of Africa and the frozen conflict in Donbass – all over the map as we know it. The musical map, too: jazz, punk, dub, retro, the avant-garde, film music, folklore, or spoken word – WWM covers it all, and more: boy, have we got the ARMAGGEDON SONICS for you!