Opening: Wednesday 28. January

House of World Cultures, 19:00

What does the ‘capture all’ logic entail and what does it mean to live in an algorithmic world? How does the desired ‘full take’ shape not just the contemporary lived environment but our very being, working and acting within it? The conference programme of transmediale 2015 attempts to map today’s complex algorithmic world, discussing the processes, the phenomena, the technologies and infrastructures involved. Developed around three main streams of CAPTURE ALL, Life, Play and Work, the conference looks into how each of those particular areas are being transformed, and how they all constitute inseparable components of an accelerated capitalism. The speakers of this year’s conference are invited to shed light on the implications of the ‘capture all’ logic and to discuss how new forms of living and being may still be possible. Keynotes, thematic panels, and specialised discussions will take place throughout the festival inviting the audience to follow the discourse and actively take part in it.