yrmomYour Mom’s invited French DJ La Fraicheur for our fifth show; she took an hour in between her touring Canada, the USA, Mexico, France or Switzerland or her many Berlin gigs. Her selection is a fat fresh slice of tech-house and deep house, heavily representing Berlin locals and friends (including Catherin, the new side-project of Anything Maria playing in Berlin on March 27th & 28th), but also with an emphasis on female producers or tracks released on labels owned or run by women.
Let’s show the world Berlin is the capital of electronic music not only because of the obvious quality but also because of the human diversity of people producing, releasing, mixing, or running our beautiful scene.
Nina Hudej - Dystopia
Jonra & e.machinery - The Vapist
Catherin - Spellbound (voc edit)
Miguel Bastida - Cielo
Jennifer Cardini & Shonky - Lies
Fabio Gianelli - Grenouille
Chloé - Low
Ena Lind - Ferdinand
Humantronic - Lights & Hope
F3 - Symphony (Mark Poppke remix)
Leonard de Leonard - Be Be Be