maydanWelcome to the 13th edition of Wordlwide Maydan tonight, and naturally the theme will somehow revolve around the Dirty Dozen. With musical commentary on one of the most concentrated locations of Evil in this world at the moment - Putin’s Russia, making more headlines lately with continued war in Donbass, the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, and violation of all human rights imaginable. We will also talk about the continued unrest in Ukraine, and the wonderful and bright prospects of wars - current and future alike. From jazz to dub to punk to current Russian and Ukrainian scenes.

The host Sergei Kleyn is a worldwide/peripheral character par excellence (born in Odessa, UA, raised in Denver, USA, residing in Berlin). In the eponymous show he examines and features the motliest phenomena from the periphery, focusing on his global outernational network. The music in the show will instinctively drift from any definable center to a periphery of rhizomatic stylistic amalgamations: a monster with blues lungs, rock fins and electronic eyes, naturally swinging its ass off.

1. Llorenç Barber - Hoc donum (excerpt)
2. Hymn of Russian Federation (normal version)
3. Hymn of Russian Federation (as performed by Egyptian Government Band)
4. Sonny Red - Nadia (1960 from Out of the Blue)
5. Убийцьі - Россия (Ubiytzy - Rossiya)
6. The Germs - Communist Eyes
7. Telex - Moscow Diskow
8. MC Check - Net voyne (No to War)
9. Mudhoney - Revolution
10. Леха Никонов - имена давно известньі (Lyoha Nikonov - Imena davno izvestny)
11. Traditional Russian Conscripts Song - A v Moskve, v Moskve
12. Tetema - Pure War (from Geocide, 2014)
13. Lothar and the Hand People - Machines
14. The Bйo - Крим (Krym)
15. Ambrose Akinmusir - Regret (No More)
16. Jakob Bro - Airport Poem
17. Vasyl Symonenko - Monarkhy
18. Vozhyk - Bandera
19. Ihre Kinder - Toter Soldat
20. Charles Lloyd - Prayer
21. Balkan Beat Box - War Again
22. Yusef Lateef - Before Dawn
23. Little Marcy - Devil, Devil, Go Away