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So the reporters follow you into that place without roads and they say: “Give us the story, Doctor. Give us the dope.” Overhead a turkey vulture spirals slowly out of sight in an updraft of air.

You look everywhere—at your shoes and at the poised, eager pencils—and you say, clearing your throat a little, “A remarkable discovery, gentlemen. These remains constitute a new species from the terminal Pleistocene fauna. The bones are associated with human artifacts. Such excellent preservation is rare. It is our belief—“

“No, no, Doctor,” they protest. “Give us some human interest. Never mind that Pleistocene business. Tell us how many years. And they’re broken. How did they get broken? Maybe there was a fight, huh?”

– Loren Eisely, “The Night Country: Reflections of a Bone-Hunting Man”


Edgardo Canton
KK Null
Nurse with Wound
Andre Saint-Obin
Electricity feat. Fire Eater
Ensemble of Unique Instuments
Hugues O.
Legendary Pink Dots
Novy Svet
Martin Rev
Os Kiezos