weisenfeldt-1200159035Beyond Addis – that’s the title of a sampler compiled of rare songs from Ethiopia, re-interpreted by contemoparary artists. The man who had the idea and got this all together is the drummer and composer Max Weissenfeldt.

Weissenfeldts interest in ethiopian music stems way back in the past, when he was part of the funk-band ‚Poets of Rhythm’, who estalished quite a following when they where around. Even in the USA their afro-flavoured funk, made in Munich, impressed people so much there that the New Yorker Daptone-Label (who where essential for the career of Amy Whinehouse and Sharon Jones) released a sampler of ‘The Poets of Rhythm’ self-released singles.

Back in those days Max would roam around Munich record-stores trying to find the most obscure Funk singles. Somewhere along the way he bumbed into some african stuff, which would lead him to be obsessed with African – especially Ethiopian - music. Despite this he drums regularly for people like Dr. John and Dan Auerbach – and for obscure Ethiopian musicians, whom he produces.

Guest in the studio: M. Weissenfeld
Host: M. Freerix