radialogo1-185x18511Show 531: Guide of peripheral conversations in 26 lessons (Adeline Debatisse for Radio Grenouille)
The guide of peripheral conversations in 26 lessons and 28 minutes is a method composed by Adeline Debatisse. This method is an audio and vocal alphabet book in 26 letters and 26 lessons in order to listen sound of others.

This vocal, musical and pedagogical method help you to explore what there are between our words and to listen peripheral tunes of our language. After listening, you will able to hear a lot of new features of oral language: the b-side parts of our talks: sound of our vibrations, their emotional intensity, their singularity.

NB: Watch out ! Every conversations and exercices use an authentic language, pronunce with a normal speed. You will have some understanding problems, especially at the begining. To get used to theses plural voices, you must perservere to continue to read between the lines. Every lesson is made up of vocabulary and conjugation exercices, we add some additional exercices of anatomy, singing and biology.

In order to learn all of the new vocabulary, do not hesitate to repeat aloud what you are listening in a second time. Do not forget, when you are practicing that you don’t have to find the good words, you just have to listen and pronunce the best as you can.

A special thanks to the plurals voices of this audioguide : Ed Williams and his «Assimil» tone of voice, students and friends who play this game of special interview : Chloé Cyril, Florent et Isalyne. Also, i’d like to thanks all the Radio Grenouille team for their trust and their support. And a special thanks to the electroacoustic composition class of Cite de la Musique in Marseille for their precious listening.

Thanks in advance to the audience of the radia sphere.

To listen again this methode, click here: https://soundcloud.com/la-perruque

Credits: Adeline Debatisse