Heute geht es wieder um Mieten und Verdrängung: Berichte von Bizim Bakkal und der Initiative Bizim Kiez, Schikanen in der Zeughofstraße und ein musikalischer Mittelteil aus der Operette “The Swansong”:

My Bar, My Hood And Me

same old bar where i felt home
same old star blinks on its dome
she´s got some wrinkles but that is life
you come as girl you go as wife

we paint the wall
we changed the crew
we´ve bought this hall mac old goes new
our untie works now from dusk till dawn
she makes it but her strength is gone

same old street we used to play
same old trees give shade away
people are friendly this is your home
no matter what colour what class or what phone.

rents are rising sky high, neighburs are moving out
police comes every night by
cause we are for some lawyer to loud
but why can´t they come and just talk to us
find some agreement without any fuss
i feel like a stranger in my own street
why keep on living
when we don´t meet?

same old me who comes to you
same old friendship strong and true
here are nmy roots here i belong
i feed the rebel in this song

where are your curves on your bones there´s no meat
i see you are also now schick and petite
when was the last time you shortly dropped by
when was the last chance for a talk eye to eye
what is the point of a chat you delete
what is this friendship when we can´t just meet
so drink alone your chai latte be healthy well groomed
go find fullfillment in working
this friendship is doomed!

Aus der Operette the Swansong, performed by The Wedding band, written and arranged by Rasch & Sch’nell

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