In between NYC, Berlin and LA, DJ/producer/vocalist Anna Cavazos brings us a show featuring a few of her own recently or soon to be released tracks, along with a few others that fit right in with her blend of vocal tech-house. Totally works on a club dancefloor, a rooftop pool side or, there you got it, on the radio to get ready before your big night out. Enjoy!
➔ More Anna Cavazos on www.localsuicide.com/introducing-anna-cavazos-around or https://soundcloud.com/youlist/anna-cavazos

Derek Marin - Going Round Up and Down
Alley O and Anna Cavazos - Crave (out in fall ‘15 YES YES Rec UK)
Anna Cavazos - With My Love, Chris Luzz Summer Breeze Dub (out 08/31 Hator Records)
Anna Cavazos - Just Dancing (Luyo Agun Afro Tech Mix) Double Cheese Records
Soul Minority - Take me to the Rhythm
El_Txef_A - Claim of the Planet Earth (Black Madonna’s Black tulip remix)
Jay Tripwire - Move Your Body Feel Like This
Dutch Schultz - That’s Just a Minute
Crazy Penis There’s A better Place
Anna Cavazos & Derek Marin - Comin’ Over Me (Endless Music)