Fantôme by Henri Landré for radia from, Nantes. Ghost sound track : realized for the exhibit “Ghosts’ Strips” presented at “La Ferme Du Buisson” (Noisiel, France) in April, 2015. The exhibit initiated by Gwen de Bonneval and the scenographer Philippe Dupuy, ...Read More

A report from Brandenburg! Nassenheide is a small village located 40 km north of central Berlin. A sometimes busy traffic junction determines the local soundscape: The main railway line from Berlin to the ports on the Baltic Sea cuts across ...Read More

Focused on Golden New Age scientific discoveries, hardcore ultra modernism’s new strategies of future developments and their effects on the economic and political situation of individuals, besides new security measures, this is a completion of revolting sounds, from Gezi protests ...Read More

Mixes of records,  fieldrecordings and more... It is always difficult for me to make set lists because there is a lot of in betweens which are mixed and overlayed and sometimes the prepared stuff is just changed, because i think it doesnt ...Read More

Instant karma#5 "Touch as Nutrition" Zelda Panda’s Radio Show “Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life ... the idea ...Read More

Neues Sozialberatung Mietberatung Volksentscheid - und Was Gibts? In Berlin herrscht Wohnungsnot. Nicht nur bei privaten Vermietern, sondern auch bei den städtischen Wohnungsunternehmen und bei Sozialwohnungen sind die Mieten unbezahlbar geworden. Selbst für Normalverdienende wird es auf dem ...Read More